Angular v/s ReactJS (Best JavaScript Framework of 2022)

Angular is authorized by Google. Adam Abrons and Misco in 2009 brought a logic of Angular in which they created the framework called AngularJS using JavaScript. One should be familiar with HTML and CSS in Angular so that you are good enough to create your own web pages. Latest stable version of AngularJS is 11.0.7. But you may get latest version from their official website Click here.

ReactJS is authorized by Facebook. ReactJS was built by Jordan Walke, A software engineer at Facebook. ReactJS is a combination of JavaScript and HTML. All coding is done using JSX in ReactJS. The latest stable version of ReactJS is 17.0.1. But check their official website for Latest stable version. Click here


  • Any type of organisation or any developer can use the angular JS in their application to make the application faster without paying any extra cost Because it is open source and completely free whereas One thing that makes react extremely powerful is that any user can access its source code , modify it and enhance it as it is open source and it helps decreases development time because it uses Reusable Components.
  • In MVC , model-view-Controller Used as three different layers to create a web application helps to write applications in Angular whereas in ReactJS In a MVC architecture, It is responsible for how the app looks and feels that is what we called view.
  • Angular is two-way data binding whereas ReactJS is one-way data binding which means information flows only in one direction. Specifically used when information is displayed and not updated.
  • Angular is a structural framework for developing dynamic web apps whereas ReactJS is based on a javascript library that allows us to build UI components.

Benefits of Angular

  • In the case of Angular, JavaScript chooses the best suitable code for your particular browser and it will make it executed out there. Means a developer don’t need to focus on the code which is written on JavaScript but angular will find the most suitable code for the browser whereas ReactJS applications are easy to debug because of the large and active developer community. Practically debug react code within your browser.
  • Packaging of ReactJs is stronger than Angular.
  • Only in ReactJS , javascript library is added to the source code whereas in Angular, it doesn’t allow adding javascript library to the source code.
Benefits of angular

Drawbacks of Angular

  • The steep learning curve is the major drawback.
  • Developers had to place some special attention on security to make the product safe and reliable.

Benefits of ReactJS

  • It is far more simple and consistent.
  • It is more JavaScript centric which makes React more sturdy and reliable than Angular.
  • It combines components into one single compile-time verified file because of the support of JSX.
  • It can be very convenient while dealing with some huge databases as it supports Virtual DOMs.

Drawbacks of ReactJS

  • It is not a full-scale framework.
  • It requires deep knowledge even in the case of UI integration into a simple MVC platform.

Angular vs ReactJS: When to choose what?

Well both are the Best Javascript Framework of 2021, but we are trying provide a brief, which framework you should opt for your project.

One should choose the Angular framework for developing a large-scale application with various features. It gives you a well-founded and ascendable framework. The Angular framework makes the development of real-time message apps easy. Also, teams well-versed in TypeScript find Angular easier to work with.

Code Consistency

High Performance

Bidirectional Data Link

ReactJS develop single-page and cross-platform applications easily. They can be used to extend an app’s existing capabilities. It is  possible for developers to make light applications that have modern capabilities in a short time-frame. One of the main advantages  is the availability of tools that can be used to personalize your webpage with ease. 

Time Saving

Vast Library of Developer Tools

Fast Rendering

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Choose Angular for your project if:

  • You are in the inception phase of development.
  • Wish to start application development, and require an entire framework that will get you started quickly.
  • Seeking a vigorous and well-maintained framework for the project-range of any size.

Choose ReactJS for your project if:

  • You plan to enlarge the functionality of your application in the future.
  • You have strong content that changes your views or needs an app that will update the look simultaneously.
  • You agree with a slower initial phase of development.

Latest Update on ReactJS

React has announced server components on December 21, 2020 by Dan Abramov, Lauren Tan, Joseph Savona and Sebastian Markbage which means developers are allowed to build apps that span the server and client, combining the interactivity of client-side apps with the upgraded performance of traditional server rendering.It is independent and reusable bits of code. It is similar to JavaScript functions, but work in isolation and return HTML via a render() function.

With the help of these Components, our components can be collect regularly. An application with components which is contributed when there is new data can be run on the server, restricting how much code needs to be sent to the client.

It has a new feature i.e., Automatic Code-Splitting which allows you to break your app down into smaller bundles requiring less code to be sent to the client. It is been considered a best-practice to only serve code user’s need as they need it by using code-splitting.

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