NodeJs Guide for Professional Web Developers- Best Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Node.js has long been known among developers, and its popularity is increasing over time. Node.js offers scalability and parallel code execution. But there is more! Node.js now offers the use of a single-threaded event cycle model that can execute all queries. Developers are starting to fall in love with Node.js because it is easy to implement and only clear with a basic understanding of JavaScript. Business and development companies prefer Node.js because of the quality of the final product, shorter lead times, and most importantly, cost savings.

So what are the best practices for Node.js? How do you avoid bigger mistakes? What applications can we develop with Node.js? Let’s take a look at all of this and more.

A Quick Overview of what Node.js

Node.js is quite complex. It is not a programming language, nor framework, or library. That’s just called technological progress. It can be summarized as follows:

Node.js is a JavaScript execution environment that has everything you need to run JavaScript programs.

It was created when the original developers of JavaScript developed it from a pure browser language to a language that can be run as a standalone program on your computer.

What types of Applications can be Developed with Node.js?

Node.js can be used to develop all kinds of applications. Here are some types of applications developed using Node.js.

  • A one-page application is like a company portfolio.
  • Social media platforms (LinkedIn using Node.js)
  • Chat and Messenger Apps
  • Streaming channels like Netflix
  • Ecommerce apps like Walmart
  • Blog
  • Online payment systems such as PayPal
  • FIRE
  • Mobile app

What Skills are Required for a Node.js Developer?

When you want to hire nodejs developers, Here are the basic skills every Nodejs developer needs :

  • In-depth knowledge of Node.js, Express, and StrongLoop frameworks.
  • Knowledge of the integration of various data sources and databases into a single system.
  • Understand multiple delivery platforms and the process of optimizing the output of each.
  • Expert knowledge of asynchronous programming and its solutions.
  • Ability to handle errors intelligently. This is a basic skill for any developer.
  • Good understanding of the semantic vision.
  • The 12 Factor Application Manifest is the best description of the process for creating the best web applications.
  • Basic knowledge of server-side CSS preprocessors.
  • Implement an automated testing platform along with modular testing to keep the app as free of bugs as possible.
  • Undoubtedly, the demands of these many skills on a person can be difficult.
    On the other hand; Skill comes with experience. Here are some skills for Junior Node.js Developer and Senior Node.js Developer.

Node.js Developer Roles and Responsibilities

When a node js development company in India hires a Node.js developer, make sure you know exactly what to expect from them.

Node.js Developer Roles

Speak in the most basic terms; Node.js specialists manage data exchange between users and servers.

Too Developers on different platforms also need to have the right knowledge to build this application logic and to ensure that user requests are handled thoroughly.

On the other hand, node js development services include both an interface and a backend; the two developers must coordinate their roles and tasks. Another key role for node.js developers is to incorporate all kinds of tools needed in the application development process.

Node.js Developer Responsibilities

Following are the responsibilities of a Node.js developer; for information only, liability and not limited to this list:

Transparent Code Development

Code written by Node.js developers should be easy to understand, reusable, and concise for the rest of the team.

Frontend Development

A full-stack developer is an asset to any team and organization. If a Node.js developer can manage the front and back of a project, that’s a plus.

Follow a Flexible Methodology

For a smooth development process, it is important to follow a flexible development methodology.he team.

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Yes, debugging is a tester’s job, but it’s also a developer’s responsibility. To complete the development process on time and without delay, it is necessary to continue to troubleshoot problems first.

Hire Node.js developers in 4 easy steps :

Describe your needs

Describe your project, how many Node.js developers you want to hire, what specs they have, how experienced they are, and which workflow will suit you best.

Check candidate

The HR team reviews the available candidates and selects the best Node.js programmer that best fits your task.

Finish your choice

As soon as you approve a candidate, help them to integrate seamlessly into your project. You have choices in terms of leadership style and instruments.

Start development

Ultimately, having additional professionals under your control will help your team.

Hiring Developers in Angular: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Hiring inexperienced developers

Because there are so many unique programming languages ​​out there, many developers can have great resumes, but not always the exact skills you need. Make sure you include accurate skills tests when hiring an experienced Angular software developer.

Restricting candidates for local developers

Language, time zone, and cultural differences can prevent some companies from hiring talented employees in other regions. This leaves them out for new experts and talent who can be far more profitable than local developers.

Forgot to recruit recruiters

It can be difficult to give up control over every aspect of the hiring and interviewing process, but recruiters have access to some of the best talent pools. People can review, test, and review developers so they don’t have to do it again.

Adjustments for speed, not quality

Some developers are very experienced and their work ethic can be ideal for last-minute deadlines. But it can also lead to costly mistakes that can reduce team efficiency and return on investment in the long run. Hire Angular JS developers for skill and quality over quantity.