Everything you Need to Know about Progressive Web Apps for an Ecommerce Site

Since the introduction of progressive web applications in 2015, many companies have significantly benefited from this technology. They are able to provide a very engaging user experience when reaching new user groups. The most notable use cases are from large companies such as Twitter, Trivago, Alibaba, and Walmart, which are reporting double conversion rates and faster revenue growth than ever before.

The PWA success story of this economic giant logical appeals to a wide range of SMEs. By leveraging progressive web apps, marketers can now deliver the same high-converting app-like experience as native apps to a much more extensive mobile audience – a technology businesses of all sizes should not miss.

What is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

PWA is a combination of website and application functionality. This is a website that works and looks like a native app. It’s fast, brings push notifications, works offline, and you can add it to your phone’s home screen. In contrast to native applications, PWAs are a collection of methods for building platforms that function as applications and websites. You cannot download PWAs from the app store. But they are fast and easy to use, just like the original app.

With mobile phones being a significant traffic source, especially for eCommerce stores, PWAs seem to be a fantastic solution for retailers expecting more conversions

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are :


They charge instantly, regardless of network status. They eliminate dependence on network connections and offer an instant and reliable user experience, even with poor or no internet connection.

Incredibly Fast

When your website is slow, customers will leave your website, losing potential sales. PWAs load very quickly and respond quickly to user interactions. Improved website performance has a positive effect on conversions, user experience, and retention rates.

Very Interesting

They offer a real app experience, including web functionality such as the ability to send push notifications and display them on the home screen.

For shoppers, progressive web apps are fast, easy to use, and fun to navigate. And for retailers, PWAs convert more often and ultimately put mobile devices at the center of their growth strategy.

PWA Advantages

What amount is the designer charging? Specifically, be careful about who charges very low.

What amount is the designer charging? Specifically, be careful about who charges very low.

Immediate Page Loading

Pages take less than 2 seconds to load, which feels instant

Similar to the App

shoppers experience a slick, fast, seemingly invisible experience that feels like a real appions.

Add to Home Screen

Invite shoppers to add your app icon to their home screen to log in and do business again.

Offline Mode

customers can browse offline, so you can stay connected every step of the wayr’s next click to avoid lags or sudden transitions.

Own App Extensions

PWAs can be added to different app stores to expand your reach.

Hassle-Free Payments

Payment request API eliminates complicated fields in simple one-touch forms.

Push Notifications

Schedule push notifications based on user tags, time, date, and time after activity.